Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oh Twodles....Lily's 2nd Birthday PaRtY!

This blog is supposed to be a family scrapbook, but WOW have I been doing a terrible job!  Life has gotten in the way each and every time I've sat down to sort pictures and type.  So with that, I'm going to back wwwaaayyy up.....all the way to December!

We celebrated our sweet Lily with an "Oh Twodles" Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party!  It was so much fun and she LOVED it :) 

She had a great combo of family and friends come to help her turn 2!  

We served a simple menu:
Hot Diggity Dogs
Minnie's PB&J's
Daisy's Fruit Kabobs
Clarabelle's Coleslaw
Donald's Chips & Dips
Goofy's Goldfish
Pluto's Pasta Salad

The birthday girl thought the Mickey shaped PB&J's were the best :)

Along with a simple menu, we kept the decorations pretty simple too.  Lots of red, black and yellow were used to make sure our house transformed into the Clubhouse ;)

The photobooth was a labor of love, but SO worth it!  Everyone had a great time being their favorite "Mik Mik" character! 

Boss got some sweet Stone love :)

And so did Sugar...

"Happy birthday to you!"  I warned Lily the candle would be hot and not to touch it....I should have known better.  The girl is literal just like her momma & would not go near it!  She was terrified to blow it out :(  Lesson learned for next year.

But once the candle was history, she made sure to take care of the cupcake :)

Opening presents this year was so fun and sweet.  She checked out every gift, said "thank you" and just really enjoyed the excitement of getting new toys.  

Her big present from Mom and Dad was a Frozen 4-wheeler...she was obsessed!

Caroline and Bryant enjoyed the Minnie musical set!  

We had a wonderful day with some of the closest people to us and our Lily.  It is hard to believe she is two.  She brings light into our lives daily and is such a joy.  We love you Lily Lulu and can't wait to see what this next year brings!
xoxo sweet girl