Monday, December 31, 2012

The First 7 Days!

Where does time go when you have a newborn?!?!?  I feel like there is no time for anything other than nursing, changing diapers, taking the occasional nap & trying to eat to keep up with Lily's feeding demands!  While it is a bit tiring/exhausting, I wouldn't change it for the world :)

To be completely transparent, we have had a time trying to figure out breastfeeding--well really just the latching part.  I feel like we have had so many ups and downs over the last 2 weeks---I'm hopeful we are on the right track now & plan to do a full post regarding our issues soon b/c I know I'm not the only one out there struggling with pain.

So where did I leave off???

We stayed in the hospital for a day and a half, which was perfect.  Enough time to feel comfortable that Lily was in good health & that I was healing nicely.  We were able to have friends & family visit us all day Sunday (Lily's birthday!) which was great :)  We even had a champagne toast in honor of Lily's arrival (leave it to Boss to sneak in booze at a hospital)!  It was a great day :)  

By Monday morning, I was ready to get home!  We took our time departing from the hospital- showered, ate lunch, fed Lily & then around 3:00 pm on 12.17.12 (Lily's official due date) we loaded up the car with our new bundle of joy!  Mr. S took his driving duty seriously---I've never seen him drive at 10 & 2 before, but he did on the way home!  Not to mention, we went the speed limit :)  After a short drive, we were home.  Sugar, Cody & Tyde were all waiting for us, along with pink balloons on the mailbox.

The big task once we got home, was introducing Tyde to Lily--he did AWESOME!  He sniffed around her for a little bit & then sat directly in front of her....almost like he knew who she was & that he needed to be more calm and gentle with her.  He has been way better than we imagined...I know they are going to be the best of friends :)     

Overall, the first week of being a family of 4 (can't leave out Tyde!) was wonderful & flew by!  We were lucky enough to have the help of both of our moms for the first week---what a blessing!  They cooked, did laundry, cleaned & made sure we were able to get some rest.  Having them here made the transition SO much easier.  We also enjoyed lots of visits from family & friends...but lets be honest, they were here to see Lily, not me or Slade...guess we will be taking the back seat for the foreseeable future :)

On Wednesday, 12.19.12, we had our first outing- to the pediatrician!  Surprisingly we were on time, but I now see why most all mama's put their make-up on in the car.  It is a process to get yourself ready, plus feed & cloth baby...not to mention prepare a diaper bag! 
Lily received a great report from the doctor!  We did have to monitor her jaundice & her lack of weight gain for the week, but luckily, we went back Friday & both were much better :)

She had her first bath at home :)

What a crazy, fun, stressful, exciting & joyous week it was!  By far the best week of my life :)


Monday, December 24, 2012

Lily's Birthday- Her Birth Story

WOW- our baby girl is over a week old---where does time go?!?!?!  I'm not quite sure what Mr. S & I did without her here.  It is true when they say, your world completely changes when you have a baby...& yes, I would agree, it is for the better!

Now that we have somewhat gotten settled into this whole parenting thing, I wanted to document Lily's birth, so we can share it with her one day & never forget any of the details...

*Warning- this will be long & detailed!*

It all started on Friday, 12.14.12- I got home from work & decided to take Tyde on a walk while we waited for Mr. S to get home from work.  Our walk turned into a walk/run--running 1.5 miles and walking 1.5 miles (Tyde was super happy!).  When I got home, I noticed that I had some cramping, but nothing significant.  With our due date right around the corner, Mr. S & I had decided to go out to dinner at Scalini's to test out the legendary Eggplant Parmigiana---known to send preggers into labor!

While I'm not sure this had much to do with Lily's arrival, it was a DELISH meal!  Mr. S is also excited that we will receive a $25 gift card since Lily came within 48 hours of me eating the meal...hello date night! :)

Once we arrived home from dinner, we settled downstairs to watch some TV & hang out.  At this point, I noticed my cramps (ie contractions) were coming every 15-20 minutes, but weren't too painful. We went to bed around 11:30, not sure if I was in early labor or if my head was playing games on me!  Luckily, I slept pretty well, until 4:30am when I woke up to what were stronger, much closer together contractions.  At this point, I decided not to wake up Mr. S, so I headed downstairs to hang on the couch & time my contractions for a bit.  Once they reached 7-9 minutes apart, I decided to call my mom to have her confirm I was really in labor!  I know this sounds wacky, but I seriously had a fear of thinking I was in labor & not really being in labor.  With most my family in Alabama, I didn't want to have a false alarm situation.

Once Mom confirmed that I was indeed having contractions, I woke Mr. S.  It was probably the most nonchalant waking ever- "Hey, I think I'm in labor" was whispered to him!  We proceeded to get ready, finish packing, pick up the house, swing by Chick-fil-A to get Mr. S some grub & then we headed to the hospital around 11:30am on Saturday.  At this point, my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart & we had alerted all of our family that Lily was on her way!  Sugar, Boss, my grandparents, brother, Papa & Denise were all in route to Atlanta, while my sister & Mr. S's mom & sister were all waiting for more info.  

The Labor & Delivery at Kennestone Hospital was wonderful!  We were immediately escorted back to the triage area to be observed & make sure I was in "real labor".  After monitoring my contractions & Lily's heart rate for about 30 minutes, they checked my cervix---I was still just 2cm---same as my appointment I had on Thursday :(  I was SO disappointed.  The nurse advised me that I could be in false labor and it could last 2-5 days.  At this point, I told Mr. S "we are not leaving here without a baby!".  After some discussion with the nurse, we decided to walk the hallways of the hospital for an hour to see if that would help me progress...I was skeptical, but we took to the hallways & were joined by my mom & sister about half way thru.  I wish y'all could've seen all of us walking the halls---me in hospital gown & socks, stopping with every contraction---if only we had had a video camera!  Anyway, turns out the walking helped because when they checked me again I was at 3cm & considered in "active labor" to my ears!!!

I was admitted & Lily was coming ready or not!!! :)  Since the hour of walking helped me progress, I took to the halls for another hour & a half...way better than laying in a hospital bed!  I also had some wonderful company along the way- Boss, Mama Chelle, Papa, Cody, Bebe and Robin all arrived and took turns walking with me.  It helped the time pass & before I knew it I was at 4cm!

Doctor Tackitt (SO thankful he was on call b/c he was wonderful!) came in to discuss our plan for the day.  After some conversation, we decided to administer a little bit of pitocin to help move things along...& boy did it!  The contractions definitely got harder & more intense.  I knew I really wanted to try to make it to 6cm without an epidural---not sure why I picked 6cm...I guess I thought that was far enough along to where I'd feel like I had experienced true labor.  Much to my surprise, I made it to my goal & so at 6cm I got an epidural---HEAVEN! :)  Our anesthesiologist was   awesome.  I could feel my legs & move them, which was my one request.  It made the labor much more enjoyable & relaxing.

We waited a couple more hours for some progression & at around 8:30pm Dr. Tackitt arrived again to see how things were moving along.  Good news was I was at 8cm---so so close to meeting Lily---bad news was my water still had not broken naturally (which is pretty common, but I was hoping mine would break on its own).  Because we were eager to meet our baby girl, the doc broke my water & estimated Lily would arrive between midnight & 2am on December 16th.  He also warned me that new moms usually push for 1-2 hours---talk about a long WOD! (sorry for the CrossFit lingo...I couldn't resist!)

We waited and waited.  Mr. S prayed over me and Lily & at 11:58, on December 15th, I started pushing.  At this point I was famished.  I had not eaten since the morning & all I could think about was the pizza my sweet husband had delivered for me to eat once I finished pushing!

At 12:20am, on December 16, 2012, Lillian Pace Sellers was born!  
Yep that's right---I only pushed for 22 minutes! :)  Not nearly as bad/long as I expected.  Another special part of this day---Lily was born on her great-grandmother's 75th birthday & she was there to be apart of the whole day! :)  

It was a perfect day & we received the most PERFECT gift!  God answered our prayers & delivered a healthy, beautiful baby to us in His time.

We love you sweet Lily!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

She's Here!!!!


Miss Lillian Pace Sellers

Born December 16, 2012 @ 12:20 AM
Lily weighed 6 lbs 2 oz & was 18 inches long.

We are SO in love with our little girl!!!

I will try to have her birth story & more pics up in the next couple of days :)