Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stone Osborne- 5 Months

Mr. Smiley, Happy, Buddy Bear--- 
Your five month birthday is here and what a wonderful five months it has been!  This month has been full of firsts and has been super busy.   As usual, you've rolled with all the craziness that life brings with a smile on your face and giggles---even with your first cold.

Firsts--- This month you've experienced a lot of firsts.  We ventured on a road trip solo, had your first cold (mommy did fun!), enjoyed an afternoon swing on the porch, went to your first concert, saw fireworks for the 4th of July, visited World of Coke and your first brewery and last, but not least, you tried your first taste of solid food.  You've also made the move to sitting in the highchair when eating (which makes you seem SO big).  We've been busy!

Grub--- Milk is still the favorite, but Stone had his first taste of oatmeal and sweet potatoes this month and this little piggy loved them :)  Little man is now eating oatmeal when he wakes, followed by a 6 ounce bottle.  Then he has two more 6 ounce bottles throughout the day (usually every 4ish hours).  Around 6:30 pm is when he gets to eat his veggie- sweet potato for now, but I plan to introduce one or two new veggies every week.  Another 6 ounce bottle wraps up the day around 8:30 pm.  Guess this tells ya where all of his yummy rolls come from :)  

Nighty, night--- Our unwanted cold made for several nights of bad sleep in the beginning of the month (like letting the munchkin come sleep with us), but since all the snot and coughing has subsided, big man is back to being an awesome sleeper!  He give us 12ish hours at night and then takes three naps (totaling about 5ish hours) a day.
Stone, just like your big sis, you must have your paci and lovey for all napping and nighttime to watch you snuggle up and drift off to sleep.

Loves--- The outdoors, bottles, exersaucer, toys, books, Lily (y'all had your first giggle contest over snack the other melted my heart!), your thumb, bathtime, riding in the car and stroller, being held, swinging.  
You also get really excited to see me and Dada.  Your big smile comes across your face and you kick when you see is pretty sweet and special.   

Another month has come and gone...these days are passing all too quickly.  You are a joy my sweet boy...We love you Stone!


Not sure--probably around 16 pounds

Seem to be on the longer side

Blonde and growing slowly but surely

Dark blue

6 Months-- you're a big boy!

Size 2

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lillian Pace- 18 Months

My little first born has grown into a toddler and I can't believe it!  She is sweet, shy, sassy, loving, big, kind, headstrong, smart...the list could go on and on.  She is the biggest blessing to life and one that I am grateful for daily.  She changed me and my outlook on life...

You are 18 months old---18 months of pure joy.  I seriously can not believe how grown-up you have become...sitting in a "big girl" chair, brushing your teeth, going up and down the stairs, dominating the playground without help, swimming like a little fish, being a little mommy to Stone...SO.BIG.

You have a fun and crazy personality my girl.  Constantly making us laugh!  You love to give kisses and hugs.  You have become quite the performer- loving to twirl and sing.  Golf is one of your favorite sports to play which makes your dad really happy.  

Attitude is definitely the word to describe the recent weeks.  You have an opinion and know what you want.  This would be great if I could read your mind!  Your vocabulary is definitely growing and you say a lot of words, even sometimes short sentences, but I still struggle with understanding you sometimes.  

Your paci and blanket obsession continues, and I can't say we are close to taking it away.  I love to watch you get so excited about these two items.  You gather your blanket, put it on your shoulder and then lay your head on it...sweet girl!

You are a Daddy's start watching for him every afternoon through the front windows and are his shadow once he arrives home.  

Food is the way to your heart!  You are a great eater.  Some of your favorites are waffles, strawberries, spaghetti, hotdogs, eggs (finally!), cereal, goldfish and peanut butter.  Milk and water are your drinks of choice.

Your daddy and I both believe you are the smartest girl in the world!  You can tell me all the sounds of these animals- dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep, duck (your fav!), fish, snake, pig, chicken, monkey, elephant, frog and bird.  We are working on colors, shapes and counting.  You love the ABC's as well.

Lily, you are all over the place!  Walking and running everywhere.  We've had several bumps and bruises but it comes along with the age.  I must say, you are a tough are pretty quick to get over the fall and keep on playing :)

Summer has been so much fun this year.  You love the outdoors!  We spend lots of time at the pool, playing with bubbles in the front yard, walking around the neighborhood, sliding at the playground.  I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "Go outside" from you.

Your role as big sister could not fit you any better!  It makes my heart melt seeing you with Stone.  You are gentle and loving- constantly on paci and blanket patrol :)  I love to see you share your toys with him and try to include him in your playtime.  You love to kiss him, have him lay in your bed, pat his belly when he is crying, help mommy feed and burp're mommy's little helper!

As you can see my sweet girl, you bring so much fun to our lives.  We love you more than words.  I'm so thankful to be your mama!  It has been a blessing to watch you change and grow this last year and a half...I enjoy and cherish each day with you.
Love you my Lily lulu!


26 pounds, 5 ounces (90th percentile)

33 inches (86th percentile)

Anything & everything

Steel blue, but seem to be turning hazel

Blonde and still rocking the mullet/mohawk 

2T or 24 months

Size 5