Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stone Osborne- 4 Months

Well here we are---four months into life with two under two and I must say it has been the most fun, stressful, exciting, sweet, joyous, loving months of my life.  I sometimes can not wrap my head around that I have two babies...sometimes I think "have I really been pregnant twice?!?!".  The pictures, bags under my eyes, lack of showers, and no longer flat stomach say YES, but it stills feels like a dream.  I couldn't ask for anything more!  These two babes are my world.  My days revolve around them  (literally) and I would not have it any other way.   

We have made it to a big milestone- 4 months and 18 months.  Stone has gotten so big and in a flash, and don't even get me started on how in the world Lily can be 1 1/2.  They are both changing daily...becoming more aware that they are brother and sister.  The bond is natural, but the love grows with time.  It is a joyous thing to experience them both develop that love for each other.

Stone has become quite the chunk this month and!  He is also looking more and more like Lily did at this age.  His eyes have gotten a bit bigger, his cheeks have filled out and like his sister, his hair is growing slowly but surely :)

He continues to have the sweetest, laid back personality (which is great since Sister has the drama covered!).  His new nickname is Mr. Smiley because the boy constantly has a big grin on his face!

He continues to be a great sleeper- 12 hours at night and three naps during the day.  We transitioned out of the swaddle this month.  I was expecting some terrible nights of sleep, lots of crying, etc, but in true Stone form it was painless.   

Bottles continue to be his food source- drinking five 6 ounce bottles of formula a day.  

Buddy Bear is a wiggle worm!  He loves to play with toys on the playmat, sit in the Bumbo, and just this month, we introduced the exersaucer which has been a huge hit.  He loves to be read to and to bathe, just like his big sis.  Bubbles have also become a favorite afternoon activity.

We are enjoying summer with lots of time outside.  The pool, playground and porch are all places Stone loves.  He is riding like a big boy in the stroller now too...less weight for Mama to push around...a win, win!

This month has gone by so FAST.  I'm thankful I'm able to be home and soak up this sweet time with my little man.  The days may seem long at times, but one day I'll miss all the diapers, bottles and spit-up.  

Stone, I love you and cherish each minute I get to be your is a blessing and privilege.  Until next month Buddy Bear!


14 pounds, 6 ounces (28th percentile)

25 inches (44th percentile)

Five 6 ounce bottles of formula

Dark blue


Mostly 6 months

Size 2