Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lillian Pace- 24 Weeks!

Happy Tuesday friends! 

I hope you all are having a great week so far.  Mr. S & I are winding down our weeks today & will be leaving for a much needed vacation on Thursday!  This baby bump will be sporting a bikini for 5 days & eating as much seafood as possible...pure bliss :) 

A not so blissful thought, but one that has to be decided on, is the one of childcare for Lily once she arrives & Mommy goes back to work :(  While it has taken me a couple months to muster the guts to dive head first into this task, Mr. S & I are starting the process tomorrow.  We'll be meeting/interviewing a private nanny and a school...we would appreciate prayer for guidance in picking the perfect place for our baby.

Well it is that time again- time for a baby update.  Lillian Pace is growing rapidly these days!  Her face is fully formed, she can hear sound & baby fat is accumulating...can't wait to see those chubby cheeks :)   


How Far Along? 24 weeks, 1 Day---10.5 Inches & 1.5 Pounds
Size of the Baby? Cantaloupe
Maternity Clothes? Maternity pants, but everything else is regular!  I think I’ll try to just buy up a size for my fall/winter clothing purchases…it is hard to find cute maternity tops.  
Weight Gain: Around 13 lbs.—the mantra I chant in my head each time I get on the scale...”I’m not getting fat, I’m carrying our baby girl”…it seems to help & keep things in perspective!
Stretch Marks? None—Woohoo!
Gender? Girl, girl, girl J
Movement? Continues to be the greatest parts of my day!  She is moving every couple of hours during the day…every time I feel her it puts a big smile on my face!  She is the best J
Wedding Rings? On!
Sleep? Still ok- side sleeping is just NOT comfortable to me at all.  I wake up 4-6 times a night to readjust, use the restroom, etc. 
Food Cravings? Haven’t really had any real cravings this week, however, my favorite meal of the week was Josh’s (my brother-in-law) spaghetti!!!  Lily & I LOVE it J
What I Miss: Good sleep, my legs not rubbing together when I walk & sushi!!!
Symptoms? The occasional lower backache, if I stand for a long period of time, & sciatica has returned on the left side, but other than that I’m feeling good!  No leg cramps, swelling, or headaches.  I’m also happy to report my craziness only lasted a couple of days!  I think it was just a combination of being home alone for a weekend & hormones…I want to thank Mr. S for being so wonderful and understanding during my "flip out" momentsJ  
Belly Button? In!  Also this week, I have told Lily she is never allowed to get a bellybutton ring.  While I haven’t had mine in since I was 17, you can still see the holes & it is not pretty the bigger my stomach gets….oh why didn’t I think about this at the “smart, know it all” age of 15?!?!?
Best Moment of the Week? There were a couple this week--- 1. Mr. S talking to Lily every day/night!  It makes my heart SO happy J  Here are just a couple of things he told her this week…. “I love you so much sweet girl”, “I can’t wait to kiss your little lips” (sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!), “Mommy & Daddy are so ready to meet you”   2. Lily attended her 2nd concert…Sugarland!  She kicked and danced the whole time.   3. Mr. S’s favorite moment of the week- during Sugarland’s “Baby Girl” song, I started crying & laughing at the same time…it is funny how a song you’ve heard a thousand times can mean something completely different when you’re having a baby girl of your own…I love her so so much!!!

"From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another."
~ John 1:16


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Gear- Part 2

Happy Thursday, Friends!  This week is flying by for me...woohoo!!!  I've had a couple great days at work, hung out with Mr. S a couple of evenings (when he isn't studying) & have gotten in some great workouts this week :)  & tonight, we are headed to the Sugerland concert!  A fun "school night" date...I'll take it!   
Ok, ok enough about our boring lives, I know you all are dying to see part 2 of operation "baby gear", so I won't delay any longer!  Since we covered most of the "big" gear in part 1, here are some smaller, but just as important, items we've picked for our sweet girl....
SKIP*HOP Alphabet Zoo Activity Gym- An activity mat is a must for playtime/tummy time.  A great way for the baby to interact and start developing coordination, so we knew we would want one for Lily.  We picked this one because we liked the different textures, sounds, colors & patterns, plus it isn't too obnoxious...some of the options I couldn't live with day in and out! 
Dr. Brown's Bottles-  I have only heard wonderful things about these bottles from the internet, other blogs & Mom's, so it was a no brainer on which bottles to register for when we got to this section.  Dr. Brown's bottles are BPA free, and the design helps minimize colic, spit up & gas.  While I do plan to breastfeed & wait a couple of week to introduce the bottle to Lily,  I know these will come in handy for those middle of the night feedings Mr. S will be performing! :)

aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets- I don't really think these need any description as they are the most common swaddling blanket on the market!  Made from soft, mulsin fabric, these blankets are breathable and light.  Plus the cute prints don't hurt either :)

Brica Day & Night Light Musical Mirror- Once again, a suggestion from my sister, this rear facing carseat mirror is the perfect solution for being able to keep an eye on Lily at all times (I promise I'll still watch the road too)!  Equipped with a remote controlled light (for the nighttime) & music, along with crash testing success, I'll be able to make sure Little Miss is ok at all times :)

cloud b Sleep Sheep- How cute is this?!?!?!  A pleasant looking noise machine---sign me up!  The Sleep Sheep has 4 soothing sounds to help Miss Lily sleep peacefully (so we hope!) from day one.  This sheep can sit in the room or connect to the bed, plus is small enough to travel with & has a timer.  Maybe I should get one of these for myself!

Lamaze Toys- Lily is going to have a ball chewing, grasping & looking at these fun, colorful toys!  Easily interchangeable from carseat to playmat, these toys will be in tow from the get go.

Puj Tub- Love the idea of a foldable/collapsible tub!  This easy to store, easy on the eyes tub will fit in our sink for Lily's first several of months of bathing (insert huge smile on my face thinking of bathing our baby girl!) :)  While she will outgrow this faster than some others on the market, I think this makes the most sense for us now.
Well I think that is it for operation baby gear!  While this is only a  small selection of things we will need/want for Lily's arrival, I hope it gives someone out there some guidance or at least entertainment! :)  I also think it'll be fun to see if my opinion changes after a couple of months of using these products...I'm sure Little Miss will have her own opinion/preference on some of the items & Mommy will have been completely wrong!   

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lillian Pace- 23 Weeks!

How Far Along? 23 weeks, 1 Day---1.5 pounds
Size of the Baby? Grapefruit
Maternity Clothes? Regular dresses, maternity jeans & regular tops!  Btw---maternity jeans may be the most comfortable pants EVER!  Don’t be surprised if I pull these things out for every Thanksgiving feast J
Weight Gain: 12 lbs- I’m trying to make sure these are healthy/good pounds!
Stretch Marks? Seems my obsession with oil & creams is paying off b/c these pesky marks are staying far away!
Gender? Bring on the PINK---Lillian Pace is all GIRL J
Movement? Little Miss is a dancing machine these days…& I LOVE it!!!  Her kicks are now hard enough to where you can see my stomach move—so weird!  On Thursday night, she decided to have a party @ 1am & woke Mommy up…she danced and moved for 2 ½ hours!  It was wonderful, but tiring!  Also, Slade’s sister, Lindsey, got to feel her on Saturday J
Wedding Rings? On :)
Sleep? So, so---between using the restroom, Lily kicking & me being paranoid about waking on my back, I’m usually up 4-6 times a night.
Food Cravings? I have consumed another box of Sour Patch Kids this week---I’m ashamed L  Other than that, fruit, olives, cereal & hot sandwiches have been at the top of my list!
What I Miss: My wardrobe!  I packed away all summer & winter pre-preggo clothes (mostly pants & skirts) over the weekend…the tears were a flowing.   
Symptoms? Speaking of tears, I have turned into a basket case this week!  POOR Slade!  It seems my hormones got the best of me b/c I seriously will cry at the drop of a hat…so so weird for someone who isn’t a “crier”.  I watched The Vow on Saturday night & cried thru the whole movie…like to the point I had a headache!  I’ve been told it is normal to experience mood swings, etc, but I wasn’t prepared for it to come out of nowhere!  
Belly Button? In---praying it stays this way.  Not sure I can deal w/ an outie!  
Best Moment of the Week? Getting Lily’s closet cleaned out & ready for an overhaul!  Thanks to my sister for coming over to help with this project J  We spent a good part of Saturday cleaning out & organizing, so we will have room for all of Lily’s sweet clothes!  Also, was so happy to have Mr. S return home from a weekend away @ the beach…we missed him so much!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday

1.  My days have flown by this week, but the week has felt super long---how is that possible?!?!?  Mama is ready for the weekend! :)

2.  I've been OBSESSING over nursery bedding & fabrics this week.  This is not normal, even for a hormonal preggo!  I am usually so decisive, but this nursery is about to do me in! 

3.  Speaking of nursery, Lily's crib was delivered on Tuesday & I LOVE IT!!! 

4.  Mr. S left this morning for a weekend at the beach with his friends...don't you feel sorry for him!??!?!  So glad he is getting away for some "fun in the sun", but I'm going to miss him!  He deserves some time away from this crazy lady, aka ME!, & from studying for the CPA- have a great time Mr. S! :)

5.  I made 4 casseroles for Mr. S's trip last night---Breakfast & French Toast casseroles.  I'll post the receipes soon.  They were fairly easy to make and super yummy (yes, I tasted them before they were sent down to the boys...don't judge!)!

6.  On the agenda this weekend---Organizing 101!  Does anyone want to come help?!?!?  This is something I am not that great at doing...I get extremely overwhelmed! 

7.  Why do I feel like everything regarding Lily needs to be done ASAP???  Is this normal?

8.  I'm so THANKFUL for family & friends!

9.  I'm looking forward to hearing the second week of Andy Stanley's series "Future Family" on Sunday.  Here is the link if you want to check it out...http://northpointministries.org/futurefamily

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Baby Lily- 22 Weeks

Is anyone out there?!?!?!  Sorry I've been MIA for the past week...work & life have gotten in the way of blogging, but I'm hoping to be better this week! 

To start the week off right, we must have an update of sweet Lily!  We hit the 22 week mark yesterday...each week is flying by.  I have a doctors appointment on Friday & can't wait to hear her sweet heartbeat :) 

Here we are at 22 weeks...

How Far Along? 22 weeks, 1 Day---10.5 inches & 1 pound
Size of the Baby? Papaya
Maternity Clothes? Mostly non-maternity, but I did give in & bought my first pairs of maternity jeans on Friday.  I went to a great maternity boutique- Izzy Maternity- & got several pairs that fit great & don’t look maternity at all! J   
Weight Gain: 11 lbs- Little Miss is growing, so I guess it makes sense Mommy is growing too!  A pound a week is normal/healthy for the rest of the pregnancy, so this is right on track.
Stretch Marks? None which makes me one happy girl J
Gender? GIRL!!!!!
Movement? Yes, yes, yes…still my favorite times of the day (I have a feeling this isn’t going to change for the next 18 weeks!)!  Lily is still most active after I eat & when we lay down to go to sleep…girl is like me- loves her food & sleep!  Slade has been able to feel her a good bit too which has been great! J  Oh & my sister felt her too….fun fun times!
Wedding Rings? On :)
Sleep? Good this week…thankful for this!  Sleeping on my side is getting easier, but I still find I’ll wake up several times a night on my back…some things never change.
Food Cravings? Peanut butter, cereal, pizza & fruit!   
What I Miss: Nothing this week!  Thankful to be having such a good/easy pregnancy.
Symptoms? Last week’s sciatic nerve pain is GONE!!!  Woohoo J  Lily was moving like crazy over the weekend & I noticed her kicks moved from the right side to the left on Sunday & since then, my pain is gone!  I’m not experiencing any other symptoms for this week (indigestion, cramps, dizziness, etc), so I’m feeling really good & blessed! J
Belly Button? In—although it is becoming really odd looking as I get bigger---I’ve decided the belly button is a pretty gross looking part of the body :)
Best Moment of the Week? Planning our babymoon/vacation to Key West! This lady needs a vacation BADLY!  This will probably be the last big vacation Slade & I take before Lily arrives, so we are hoping to make the most of it J  Can’t wait to lay on the beach, relax & enjoy some quality time with my hubs!

And we can't leave out Tyde!

I think the bigger I get the more he knows something is happening...he has been so gentle with me lately.  Sometimes he'll come a lay his head on my stomach- I wonder if he can hear her?!?!?  Can't wait to see how these 2 interact...I know they'll be best friends :)

Well that is all for now friends.  I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lily Update- 21 Weeks!

The weeks are flying by people!  With football season right around the corner, I have a feeling time is going to continue to pass quickly...yikes :)  

Lil' P (daddy's nickname for his little girl- yes, very thug!) has been growing rapidly the past couple of weeks.  Here is our update for week 21 of this awesome journey called pregnancy!....    

How Far Along? 21 weeks, 1 Day---10.5 inches & around 1 pound
Size of the Baby? Pomegranate...yum!
Maternity Clothes? Not yet....Dresses & jeggings are getting me thru this in between time:)  Maternity clothes just don't fit right- the last thing I want is a saggy butt! 
Weight Gain: 10 lbs.- I'm happy with this!  I feel like I'm right on track with my goal of 25 lbs. (give or take a few!)
Stretch Marks? Staying far, far away! 
Gender? GIRL!!!!!
Movement? YES & it is always the highlight of my day:)  I think Little Miss has the Olympic bug b/c she has been flipping and kicking like crazy this week...especially after I eat!!!  Looks like we may have a gymnast, ballerina or, as Mr. S says, a Crossfitter on our hands! :)
Wedding Rings? On :)
Sleep?  So, so this week.  We had an unusual week of lots of interrupted sleep, which hasn't been good for mommy, but I made it thru!  Thank goodness for weekend naps :)
Food Cravings? This is SO random, but Sour Patch Kids has been my go to this week!  I went thru a whole bag in 4 days...gross I know :) 
What I Miss: Not going to sugar coat---I miss my summertime Margarita's!!! 
Symptoms? Sciatic nerve pain, on my right side, is still present...all the time :(  This has been so uncomfortable.  It gradually got worse throughout the week- my plan is to ice, massage & monitor my movement to hopefully help with the pain.  Other than this, I'm feeling great!
Belly Button? In :)
Best Moment of the Week? Slade feeling Lily!!!  This was one of the sweetest/best moments we have experienced as a couple.  It was Sunday afternoon, I had just eaten an apple w/ peanut butter & gone to seat on the couch.  Slade was in the kitchen cooking & as soon as I started feeling her move I called Slade over.  After a couple minutes of patiently waiting, he felt her kick/somersault on my right side---it was incredible! :)  It made me so happy to see how excited he was about finally feeling her move.  He is going to be the best dad...I can't wait to see him hold her for the 1st time!  I'm one blessed girl :)

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart"
Jeremiah 1:5

Monday, August 6, 2012

Baby Registry- Part 1- The Gear

Happy Monday y'all! :) 
Hope everyone out there had a great weekend.  The Mr. & I spent the weekend at home, which was much needed!  I was able to get some stuff done around the house, we attended a graduation party for a friend, worked out, enjoyed church...so wonderful to have a weekend at home :)  However, a weekend at home, spending most of my time in PJ's, means no pictures...sorry friends :(

Another fun thing we did on Friday night was REGISTER for Lily! :)  Mr. S was a good sport/ supportive husband and came along to help me pick things out.  WOW---it is crazy how much a little baby needs!  We decided to register at BuyBuyBaby, but will probably set up a registery on Amazon.com too. Mr. S & I tried to not over do it...sometimes you can get gun happy when registering :)  We tried to stick to things we really think we will use/need when Lily arrives.  It was so exciting to go thru and talk about Lily & how our daily life is about to change...for the better of course!  So, without anymore jabber, here is some of the "gear" we decided would be the best bet for our family...

Britax Chaperone- The carseat decision was probably the toughest.  We went back and forth between the Britax Chaperone and the Chicco Keyfit.  Our biggest concern (other than safety) was the size.  However, Mr. S fixed that with the purchase of my new car!  The Britax Chaperone is the only infant car seat that received an excellent rating by independent crash testers & has ergonomic handles, an extra-long canopy, easily adjustable straps and extra safety features like the anti-rebound bar.  We feel this seat is the best choice for us to keep Lily as safe and secure as possible....safety first! :)

Baby Jogger Summit XC- My ultimate jogging stroller! :)  Going into registering, I was sold on the BOB, but after some research and talking to the helpful guy at BBB, my mind was changed.  The Baby Jogger Summit is relatively new to the market, but has some cool features that won me over--  a 1-step folding process, all-wheel independent suspension, a hand brake, easier reclining back, larger canopy & a wrist wrap that is attached to the bottom brake (just to name a few!).  Also, the infant seat attachment is universal, so it will work with the Britax Chaperone...can't wait to take Miss Lily on her first run ;) 

Baby Trend Snap-N-Go- While I am super excited about the jogging stoller, I felt I needed something that will be easier to use for day in and out errands.  This is a super light, easy to unfold/fold snap-n-go stroller that is compatable with the Britax Chaperone, so I'll be able to pop in the carseat and run into stores, restaurants, etc. with ease.

Ergo Baby- I’ve been told this is the Land Rover of baby carriers out there-- easy to use, comfortable when wearing for long periods of time, it adapts to both mom and dad’s sizes, and is overall practical—you can do normal activities while having the little one attached to you! :) 

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard - Romantic- This 4 in 1 playard includes portable playard, infant bassinet, changing station & removable playmat with toy gym. It it is easy to assemble & closes with one easy step.  We chose a gender neutral color, so we can use it again.  It will be perfect for travel!

Angelcare 3-in-1 Monitor- We chose this monitor because it offers the visual and sound features along with another feature that is super important to me.  The Angelcare 3-in-1 video baby monitor with LCD touch screen combines a video and sound monitor & movement monitor in a single system. The under-the-mattress Sensor Pad detects movements and an alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds...this sold me on the product.  Our goal is to have Lily sleeping in her bed ASAP (& I know this won't be easy for mommy), so I think having this monitor will ease the anxiety a bit.

mamaRoo Plush Baby Swing-  My sister swore by this swing & said it was a must!  While it is a bit pricier than some of the other swings on the market, it has 5 unique motions that will soothe and comfort the baby.  Along with movement, it has sound and is Ipod compatible.  It is also more compact than most swings, which I really like.  Overall, I think this will be the perfect place for Lily to have some playtime :)

I hope y'all haven't fallen asleep over all this baby talk :)  I'll be back for Part 2 & maybe Part 3 of baby registering excitement!  I'll probably leave off talk of breastfeeding & diapers for now...got to leave some topics for when baby arrives :)  Oh the joys of motherhood...I can't wait! :)

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Our 1st Child

    This morning I realized I haven't officially introduced you to our 1st child---


    Tyde (as in "Roll Tide", not the detergent!) is a goldendoodle & the best/funniest dog in the world.  Mr. S & I got him Christmas 2010...5 months after getting married.  I found a picture of this sweet puppy on the internet & it was love at first sight--I knew we had to have him :)  It took a little persuading (& email stalking) to convince the Mr. that the timing was right to get a puppy, but after a couple of weeks he was on board! 

    The day we picked Tyde up, I remember thinking "what are we doing?!".  I had never had a puppy before & Mr. S wasn't too schooled in puppy 101 either, so I knew this was going to be a huge learning process for both of us.  We went to PetsSmart & stocked up on the "essentials" and that was it...we picked pup up & were sent home to love & take care of him! 

    How could you not LOVE this face :)

    The first couple of weeks were tough---potty training & crate training were NOT fun, but little guy learned quickly :)  He also grew FAST!  How is it that a dog can reach full-grown in a matter of 6 months?!?!?

     Mommy's training partner :)
     Roll Tide!
    Happy 1st Birthday Paw-ty

    Our sweet pup will turn 2 this year!  He is energetic, playful, crazy & loving...we could not have asked for a better 4-legged addition to our growing family :) Tyde has taught us more than we ever thought I puppy could.  He has added so much joy & fun to our family---we love our Tyder! :)