Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lillian Pace- 7 Months

Dear Lily,

How can it be?  7 months already!  I seriously think this month has been my favorite yet.  You are constantly moving, talking, blowing strawberries, chasing "brother" (aka Tyde) with your don't miss a beat my sweet girl.  

This month you have continued to wow us with your growing vocabulary (ok, really just sounds), physical strength & increased awareness.  You LOVE to talk...guess that is why they call you "social butterfly" at school!  In the mornings, we often have conversations in the car about your dreams & your day ahead.  I'm sure Mommy looks cra-cra talking to herself, but it is a time I really enjoy.  You continue to sit up like a champ.  You are also standing while holding onto something- usually our figures, the railing of your crib or a toy.  And did I mention you don't miss a beat?!?!? You take everything & everyone alert, aware & curious.  Also, a bit shy.  If a stranger or someone you don't come in contact with daily approaches you, then you completely shut down & just stare at them.  I guess you're already taking "stranger danger" seriously :)   

Month 7 brought along some really fun moments....we found out you are going to be a BIG sister!  While I know you don't really understand it now, I can't wait to see how you handle your new role :)  I know you're going to be a big sister that is loving, supportive, kind & a great leader for your new brother or sister.  

You also celebrated your 1st fourth of July, attended your 1st concert (FL/GA Line) & helped Mommy celebrate her 28th birthday this month.

Eating hasn't really changed much.  You're still a garbage disposal...seriously, you eat us out of house & home!  I've never seen a child get so excited when placed in their kick, squeal & bang on the tray until your food arrives.  You're going through the equivalent of 42 or so jars of stage 3 baby food a week, plus three 6 oz bottles a day.  You do a great job of gumming most of your foods...the chunkier the food the better in your book :)  Pretty sure we will start on the Baby Led Weaning ( very soon.   

Sleeping also hasn't changed much.  You my girl love your sleep, which is good, because Mommy needs her beauty sleep! :)  Some nights you'll wake up and want your paci, but for the most part you're sleeping from 8:30pm til 8:00am on the weekdays, and later on the weekends.  One Saturday morning this month, you slept until 9:45am...usually I would wake you up by 8:30am, but I just wanted to see how long you would sleep...I can't tell you how often I checked the monitor to make sure you were alive! Ha!  You definitely got your sleeping traits from your daddy :)

We've had a couple health scares this fun :(  You were diagnosed with RSV, double ear infection & pneumonia within a week of each other....stressful.  After several weeks of breathing treatments, antibiotics & some time at home with Bebe, you were back to your normal self!  Good news for us, not good news for you...with good health came your 6 month shots.  I expected the worst- like crying hysterically for hours (especially since we went to the appointment sans Daddy), but you actually did great!  You let out the saddest sound when you were poked, but once I picked you up, you were back to normal.  Also, heat rash showed up on your face...guess that is what happens when you sleep snuggled with a blanket in the summertime.

There you have it Lil...a little glimpse at your 7th month of life!  You are my sunshine sweet girl- don't you ever forget it! :)

Lily's 7 Month Stats:

Three meals per day, plus three 6 oz bottles

About 16 1/2 pounds

About 26 1/2 inches

Diaper Size:
Size 3

Clothing Size:
6 & 9 month

Blonde & getting thicker :)

Eye Color:
Blue is still hanging around

Favorite time of the day:
Waking you up in the morning

Funniest moment this month:
Your constant talking & squealing...especially at inappropriate times!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#2 & #28

So the theme of this post is numbers...numbers that have significance & meaning.


That's right folks...Baby S #2 is on his or her way!!!!  We could not be more excited that our family of three will soon be a family of FOUR :)  Our official due date is February 19, 2014, so Priss Pot and her new brother or sister will be 14 months apart...we feel so blessed and thankful!  There will be many exciting, busy and crazy times ahead!


I couldn't ask for a better husband, father or friend.  You continue to make all my dreams come true...I am beyond grateful for your hard work and dedication.  I pray that this next year is even better than last!  
I love you!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hey there peeps!  It's Lily.

  I figured since my mom has been a total slacker lately, I'd come update y'all on what we've been up to recently :)  

Before I start filling you in on the deets of life, I have to wish myself a happy 7 month birthday today!!!
& could I get any cuter in my first Little Black Dress (LBD for short)?!?!  I think not!

Moving on....we had a busy end of June & July hasn't slowed down any either.  You'd think my parentals would learn to say "no" so that I could just hang at home & play in my jumperoo, but who am I kidding, we all like a good party! :)

 I had a fab time celebrating my Bry Bry's 2nd birthday party!  We swam, ate, opened was the time of my life.

Then this lady decided to leave me for a whole 5 days for work....don't worry, it was WAY harder on her than me.  I survived daddy daycare & had a blast hanging with my Bebe :)

How cool is it that I have 3 great-grandparents that are healthy & think I'm the best thing since sliced bread?!?!  I got to celebrate my Mema's 90th birthday with some of Dad's fam....there were a lot of peeps I'd never met before...I got loved on big time!

Mema makes 90 look so good!
The weather in July has totally been cramping my style.  It has rained and rained, so my first 4th of July was spent much for these awesome things called fireworks that everyone was talking about :(  

Oh, and these 2 crazies ran the Peachtree for the 5th time.  Can't believe they leave me out of awesome things like this...good thing my Chef (aka Uncle Josh) made me feel better with some Lucky Charms marshmallows for breakfast--nom nom nom :)

Last, but not least, I met daddy's friend, Chris!  He was super cool :)

Well that about sums it up friends!  
Thanks for letting me "chat"...I think Mom will be back later this week with a BIG announcement, so don't stay gone for too long.