Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hopping Back in the Saddle

Has two and a half months really passed since I last sat down to write??!?!  It has literally gone by in a flash, yet so much has happened to catch you up on.  

Lily and Stone have grown like weeds, I've started a job I love, we've traveled, experienced some family heartbreak, had our first ER visit, enjoyed a little (ok---you caught me---a lot) of football, celebrated Halloween, welcomed a new nephew....we've been busy!

Lets start with the mini's---

Lily:  What can I say, we are tracking closer and closer to the terrible awesome twos!  She is a girl full of personality, sass, opinion, stubbornness and love.  While some days she sees timeout more times than I'd like to admit, she is always quick to say "I'm sorry" and to give hugs & kisses.  She is mommy's helper, brother's best friend and constant playmate.  
It saddens me to say, but our first born has grown into a full fledge toddler over the last several months.  Her hair is longer (she rocks the ponytail/mullet look like no other!), her vocabulary is bigger, her little legs are constantly running.  She is big time giggles and big time shy.  
Lily-lulu is talking in full sentences (some of which I can only understand!), can say her first and last name, counts to ten, LOVES to take selfies, and performs all.the.time-- it is rare she isn't singing or dancing on her tip-toes :)  Sweet girl is Mickey Mouse obsessed, with Frozen in close second.  Similar to mommy at this age, she bosses her brothers (Stone & Tyde) without hesitation....a natural born leader perhaps?!?!

Stone: Similar to Lily, my Buddy-bear has grown by leaps and bounds.  Still the happiest, most smiley baby on the planet, little man is on the move-- crawling everywhere!!!  Oh and once he reaches said destination, he then pulls up to standing position....where has my baby gone?!?!  
He is laid back, easy going, and a mama's boy :) 
We have pretty much made the transition to non-pureed, solid foods (if only he would cut a tooth already!).  Bottles are still in rotation- two 6 oz bottles a day and one 8 oz before bed.  Stone-man loves bananas, green beans, pears, and just like big sis- he is obsessed with puffs.  
His first word was (drum roll please!)...MAMA!  Since then, he's added Dada and then a whole bunch of jibber jabber :)
We did have some scary sickness this last month.  Stone had a super high (104-106 degree) fever for four days straight, which resulted in a doctors visit and then a late night ER visit the very next day.  Turns out he had roseola.  Poor little guy was pitiful, but in true Stone fashion, he stayed pretty mellow (except for when we tossed him in the lukewarm baths).  It was a week worth of snuggles, little sleep and constant temp checking, but I'm happy to report we all made it through!   

Our Bat-family had a blast celebrating our first Halloween as a family of four!  We went to a church carnival, our neighborhood party and then trick or treated around our neighborhood :)  Batman and Batgirl were super cute and even won third place in the costume contest.  Also, I wasn't so sure how Lily would do with the whole stranger danger aspect of trick or treating, but much to my surprise she warmed up quickly and ended up enjoying it!  I'm sure the sugar high she was on had nothing to do with this ;)

Alright, well that is all the time I have for now.  More to come as I try to play catch-up :)