Friday, May 30, 2014

Mother's Day 2014---

This Mother's Day was more than I could've imagined...what can I say, life with two littles is even better than with one!  I got to spend time with my mini's, was pampered a bit by my hubby and was able to honor the three other mom's in my life- my mom, my mother-in-law and my grandmother.  

We spent most of the weekend in Birmingham and it was great!  We arrived Friday night and were greeted with burgers, hotdogs and drinks...yum, yum.  Saturday we enjoyed visiting with my family- grandparents, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and especially special my aunt, uncle and cousin who had never met my two littles.  There was lots of banana pudding used to win sassy over :)  Such a fun day filled with laughs, food and of course pictures :)

Saturday night, we snuck away for a little concert action.  It was fun to take the night and let my hair down with Slade, Josh and Neeley.  Usually one of us is babysitting for the other, so we appreciated Sugar and Boss giving us a night to enjoy together.

I slept in Sunday (which was needed after the night before!), enjoyed a delish breakfast courtesy of Boss and enjoyed the morning with my mom!  Around noon, we loaded up and made our way back to Atlanta, so that we could celebrate Slade's mom with all of his family.  We met up at Marietta Square and had a great dinner (even if I did have to go against all our rules for Lily and give into her having her paci, blanket and watching Mickey at the dinner table...desperate times!).   It is so wonderful to have most of Slade's side of the family in Atlanta now :)

Being able to spend time with and honor these ladies makes all the travel with two under two worth it!  We are so blessed with mothers who raised us, love us, support us and would do anything for us.

This day means more to me now than it did before.  Being a mom makes you realize how much love your own mom has for you.  I couldn't imagine my life without my two mini's!  They have given me a different love then I've ever experienced before, not to mention, have given me a better perspective on life.  I love being a mom and couldn't imagine a better calling for my life!

I leave this post with a letter to my mom...a lady I love and cherish more than she will ever know...

Dear Mom,
You are my best friend and I couldn't imagine my life without you.  You are always there when I need a listening ear, always there to support me, always there no matter what!  Not only is are you a great mom, but you are the best Sugar :)  No doubt that Lily and Stone will beg me to spend the night with you in years to come...and I can't blame them.  I love you more than you will ever know.  I hear you daily in my head as I attempt to raise my children with the values, manners and love that you instilled in us.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Stone Osborne- 3 Months

I can't believe we are here---3 months of having this sweet precious boy in our life and what a fast and joyous time it has been.  I can't get over how quickly life is passing with two under two.  Slade and I are loving every minute of this crazy journey!

Stone has grown so much this month.  Everyday he is learning, growing and changing.  I swear- everyday he looks different!  This month he has officially entered the baby stage, instead of newborn...tear :(  

Sweetest Stone,
You my buddy bear are the easiest baby on the planet!  So laid back and chill...I would have another baby tomorrow just like you :)  You rarely cry, are super smiley and love your Mama.  This month has been so much fun.  You have woken up, become so much more alert and are really starting to interact a good bit.  Not to mention, you are sleeping through the night (usually 10-12 hours)...praise the Lord!  Here is a recap of the month...

Cha-cha-changes--- I can't believe how many developmental milestones were reached this month that make you feel like a completely different child.  Rolling over, smiling, more cooing and ahhing, locating and playing with toys, finding your hands and feet, finding yourself in the mirror...seriously Stone, you are so big!  You have the sweetest grin and voice.  It melts my heart when you see my face and a big smile comes across your face.  And that voice---I die!  I couldn't believe the first time you rolled over.  I put you in the family room for tummy time and went to get your sister some breakfast and before I knew it you were on your back :) You continued to roll all month long, which has made tummy time a bit of a chore.  You love to watch your feet and much prefer your hands over a paci.  And not just your thumb, but your fist...funny boy!  

Nighty, night---  You started sleeping and have continued sleeping through the night!  Woohoo!!!!  Twelve hours of rest for everyone.  Down right after your sister (usually around 8:30pm) and I wake you around 8am to eat before wild woman wakes for the day.  You've yet to wake at long as you are swaddled you are good!  No paci needed :)  Naps are still really good too.  Awake time has increased during the day, but generally you take an hour and a half nap every two or so hours.  And lets be honest, half of your naps are in the stroller, in the car or being held.  Guess that is what happens with baby #2...mommy becomes less psycho :)


Grub---  Still on just milk- half formula, half mommy's milk.  You take six ounce bottles of half and half every three hours during the day.  Your first "meal" of the day is purely mommy's milk and for that I am proud and grateful.  I really enjoy that time with you and know it'll be gone before I know it.  You haven't had any tummy troubles with the half and half mixture, so I'm hoping we can keep that up for a while longer.  

I love you little man!  Can't even remember what life was like without you.  You have definitely made each day of the last month more fun and exciting.  



No clue!  I'd guess between 11 and 12've definitely got some rolls now!

Again no clue!  Sorry bud

Half Mama's milk, half formula

Beautiful & BLUE

Growing back... light and a bit wavy

Mostly 3 months

Size 1 Pamper Swaddlers