Monday, December 16, 2013

It's the Most ONEderful Time of the Year- Lily's 1st Birthday Party

Whew, what a weekend!  The holidays always bring lots of parties to attend, but this weekend was our most favorite of all...Lily's 1st birthday party :) 

What started off as a "oh, we'll just do something small" event, turned into much more and I'm so glad it did!  I had so much fun planning out every detail to make our priss pot's day super special.  For starters the invitations.  I searched Etsy high and low for the perfect winter themed invite.  I came across Nestling Designs and Rachel helped me create the perfect card to send out to Lily's friends and family.

I loved the kraft paper look, snowflake design and pink and white color scheme.  All of these elements were carried in the party decor as well.  With the help of my sister and mom, we gathered all the decor over the course of a couple of weeks.  Nestling Designs also offered a party package with lots of great printables that helped pull everything together.  I was really happy with how it all turned out :)

For food, we kept it pretty simple.  There was a chili bar (which was perfect since it was a cold,wet day), veggies, pigs in a blanket, nuts and spinach dip.  I have to mention, I didn't prepare any of the food...I owe a huge thank you to Uncle Chef for making the delicious chili :) 

Melted Snow
Hot Chocolate Bar
Our girl thru the year

The birthday girl had SO much fun celebrating her day with friends and family!  We woke her up early to ensure she had a good nap before which made for one happy little lady.  

After some visiting, playing and eating, it was cake time!  Our friend Whitney outdid herself with some delish vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with white and pink icing.  

Lily wasn't too sure about her birthday hat at first...

But once the cupcake arrived, she forgot all about it :)

"Are you guys sure I can eat this?!?"
"Ok- just a little taste"
Dad showing her how it is done :)

Once she got going, she didn't stop.  The cupcake stood no chance!  

"Don't even think about eating my cupcake!"

Cousins Bryant and Brock wanted in on the birthday hat fun ;)

After cake, the birthday girl got to open all of her gifts from her generous friends and family.  We are so blessed to have so many people who love and support our sweet girl.  Lily had a blast playing with all her new toys, shoes and clothes!  

Just chilling with her friends :)

Ready to tailgate and watch football with Dad!

As usual, the day passed all too quickly...time flies when you're having fun.  It was a memorable day celebrating the birth of our Lillian Pace.  We are so thankful for having loved ones come share the day with us.

You have blessed our days and changed us in more ways than you will ever know.  This past year has been nothing short of amazing.  We thank God everyday for allowing us to be your are the best gift we've ever received.  Love you so much sweet girl and

Friday, December 13, 2013

Jolly Old Saint Nick

Hey y'all!  It's Lily here.  I've missed you peeps so much.  I hope you all are having a fab holiday season :)  

Mom has done a pretty good job of keeping you all up to speed on life, but I wanted to stop in to give the deets on my first meeting with the big, jolly, bearded guy who wears all red and comes down the chimney with know, Santa Claus!

Well this sums it up...

I was not a fan of Jolly Old Saint Nick!  
Not sure what Mom was expecting.  I'm pretty shy when it comes to peeps I don't know.  Hope Santa didn't take it too hard :) 

Once Mom & Dad decided to join in the picture fun, I was ok.  Still couldn't get a smile out of me...

 Clinging for life :)

I think I crushed know, Christmas is her fav holiday!  So she tried once again to see if I'd warm up...

Didn't work!

The Christmas tree was way more entertaining than the bearded long as I could hold tight to Mom's hair :)  This insured she could not put me down--I'm so smart!

So we left my first meeting with Santa.  I was somewhat traumatized, Mom somewhat upset & Dad was happy with candy cane in hand.  

Maybe next year I'll like Santa a bit more...lets see what kind of loot he brings me this year, then I'll reconsider :)

Until then, Merry Christmas!