Monday, December 22, 2014

Lily is TWO

Dear Lillian Pace,

My sweet, sassy, shy, joyful, strong-willed little girl, how in the world are you two?!?!  The time has passed oh so quickly.  It feels like yesterday we were pacing the halls of the hospital, timing contractions and anxiously awaiting your arrival.  So much has happened in these two years (like moving & welcoming a brother), but then again it feel like no time has passed at all :)

This past year has been one of change, ups and downs and lessons learned for all of us.  Sadly for you, you are our "tester" for all things parenting....hopefully we aren't scaring you too much!  I think we've done a fair job of maneuvering the transition of baby to toddler with little tears, lots of love and constant laughs.  You have grown into such a "big girl" over the past is truly incredible how much you've changed physically, developmentally, verbally in just 365 days.

You are constantly making us laugh!  At home you have an outgoing, comedic personality, however once we venture out or have anyone over you quickly become shy.  It is a game for close your eyes and grin from ear to ear thinking you are hiding!  While the shyness can last a while, you usually warm up with the promise of a treat or your two vices....paci & bonk (aka blanket).  Yes, I'm a slacker and haven't dared to take these magical things away!  

A girly girl for sure, you love to play dress-up, prance around in your "high heels", twirl around the kitchen, help Mommy cook, sing constantly (some of your favs- "Let It Go", "Hot Dog, Hot Dog", "Twinkle Little Star", "You Are My Sunshine").  You request a bow or ponytail daily---even if we spend the day in our pj's :)  You are an expert at making Stone giggle, and are the first one to respond to his cries.  You often tell him "I right here 'Tone" and pop a paci in his mouth :)   

You remain our little piggy (I guess some things never change!).  You love all things carbs and sugar, but thankfully will eat just about anything else too.  Some of your absolute favorite things include grapes, oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich, almonds, pizza, french fries, goldfish, strawberries, and greek yogurt.  We eat pretty healthy most of the time, but you do love a good treat every now and then cream and chocolate are the way to your heart :)  

Developmentally you've blown us away.  You talk in complete sentences most of the time...which means we hear your opinions and wants more than ever before.  You also repeat what you hear a good bit, so Mommy & Daddy have to watch what they say around you now too ;) You can say your full name, count to ten, know your're one smart cookie.  Some of you favorite phrases are.... "no way!", "I be right back", "I right here", "may I see your phone, please"....that brings us to your obsession with technology.  You LOVE it.  TV, iPhone, don't discriminate.

The toughest challenge we faced this year was the "D" word...Discipline!  While it isn't fun, it is necessary.  I will say our approach has varied throughout the year with age and understanding.  Timeouts, spankings and talks are used depending on the offense.  I will say regardless of the type of discipline, we wrap up the training moment with an "I'm sorry" from you, a hug from me or Daddy and a kiss...always want you to know that our training is from love!  Manners were also worked on this year.  You are really good about using your "please", "thank you", "yes and no sir/mam" to our ears :)  

You my sweet Lily are our "big girl" as you remind us daily.  You run everywhere, can walk down the stairs like a grow-up, sit in a normal are turning into a big girl in a blink.  It is such a joy to be your mom---in the moments of fun, hard, laughter and tears.  I love you "tttthhhhiiiissss" much! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hopping Back in the Saddle

Has two and a half months really passed since I last sat down to write??!?!  It has literally gone by in a flash, yet so much has happened to catch you up on.  

Lily and Stone have grown like weeds, I've started a job I love, we've traveled, experienced some family heartbreak, had our first ER visit, enjoyed a little (ok---you caught me---a lot) of football, celebrated Halloween, welcomed a new nephew....we've been busy!

Lets start with the mini's---

Lily:  What can I say, we are tracking closer and closer to the terrible awesome twos!  She is a girl full of personality, sass, opinion, stubbornness and love.  While some days she sees timeout more times than I'd like to admit, she is always quick to say "I'm sorry" and to give hugs & kisses.  She is mommy's helper, brother's best friend and constant playmate.  
It saddens me to say, but our first born has grown into a full fledge toddler over the last several months.  Her hair is longer (she rocks the ponytail/mullet look like no other!), her vocabulary is bigger, her little legs are constantly running.  She is big time giggles and big time shy.  
Lily-lulu is talking in full sentences (some of which I can only understand!), can say her first and last name, counts to ten, LOVES to take selfies, and performs all.the.time-- it is rare she isn't singing or dancing on her tip-toes :)  Sweet girl is Mickey Mouse obsessed, with Frozen in close second.  Similar to mommy at this age, she bosses her brothers (Stone & Tyde) without hesitation....a natural born leader perhaps?!?!

Stone: Similar to Lily, my Buddy-bear has grown by leaps and bounds.  Still the happiest, most smiley baby on the planet, little man is on the move-- crawling everywhere!!!  Oh and once he reaches said destination, he then pulls up to standing position....where has my baby gone?!?!  
He is laid back, easy going, and a mama's boy :) 
We have pretty much made the transition to non-pureed, solid foods (if only he would cut a tooth already!).  Bottles are still in rotation- two 6 oz bottles a day and one 8 oz before bed.  Stone-man loves bananas, green beans, pears, and just like big sis- he is obsessed with puffs.  
His first word was (drum roll please!)...MAMA!  Since then, he's added Dada and then a whole bunch of jibber jabber :)
We did have some scary sickness this last month.  Stone had a super high (104-106 degree) fever for four days straight, which resulted in a doctors visit and then a late night ER visit the very next day.  Turns out he had roseola.  Poor little guy was pitiful, but in true Stone fashion, he stayed pretty mellow (except for when we tossed him in the lukewarm baths).  It was a week worth of snuggles, little sleep and constant temp checking, but I'm happy to report we all made it through!   

Our Bat-family had a blast celebrating our first Halloween as a family of four!  We went to a church carnival, our neighborhood party and then trick or treated around our neighborhood :)  Batman and Batgirl were super cute and even won third place in the costume contest.  Also, I wasn't so sure how Lily would do with the whole stranger danger aspect of trick or treating, but much to my surprise she warmed up quickly and ended up enjoying it!  I'm sure the sugar high she was on had nothing to do with this ;)

Alright, well that is all the time I have for now.  More to come as I try to play catch-up :) 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Stone Osborne- 6 Months

Just like that, another month has come and gone, and we are closer to Stone turning  How is my baby already 6 months?!?!  Before I know it, I’ll be planning his 1st birthday, which is completely mind blowing.  I swear this whole having two kids under two causes life to be a whirlwind in the absolute best way possible.


This month was fast and furious!  We were go, go, go for most of it, but was super fun.  We had some really fun days, some hard nights (thanks to another cold…ugh!), lots of visits with friends and family and several firsts for Mr. Stone-man.

Chunk has put on some more rolls this month and boy do we love them J  Eating seems to be a favorite activity in our house, so it is no surprise that Stone has followed suit.  We added some new foods this month—carrots, squash, zucchini, banana and pears.  Momma is still making all purees and Stone loves them all.  We are up to two meals with four bottles a day - three 6 ounce bottles during the day and one 8 ounce bottle at night.  Big boy has started grabbing his spoon during feedings…just another thing that reminds me he is growing at the speed of light.

Sleep has been hit or miss this is not easy to go from sleeping to not sleeping when you aren’t in that newborn mindset anymore.  I blame it mostly on another cold, but in full disclosure, I also think we are battling a bit of a paci issue as well.  Lily did the same thing at this age and it was brutal!  I’m guessing crying it out is around the corner to kick this waking a couple times a night for your paci to the curb, but it is harder this time around due to Sass next door.  Naps have been generally fine, and some nights little man sleeps like a dream (or better yet, like he did at 3 months!), but other nights we are up multiple times hunting the darn paci…which, just in case you’re wondering, is usually lodged behind his head!  We have made the transition to two naps a day, which really works better for our schedule with errands, play dates, work, etc…they usually are around two-ish hours.

Stone, you ventured to your first major league sporting event this month---a Braves game J  You actually went to two…lucky boy!  You did great and cheered the Braves onto two wins.  It is really fun to imagine you playing ball one day (or golf, or football, or anything else you want to do in life).

Other BIG firsts this month- ummm you started sitting up!  Yes, you read right, you are so strong and started sitting up without any help or assistance this month.  I can’t believe it!  You’ve also started pushing yourself backwards when you’re on your tummy….I am not ready for you to be mobile, so can you please hold off on any more big boy things please?!?!

You and Dada had your first (but not last I’m sure!) boys weekend this month.  Lily and I traveled to Birmingham for a girl’s weekend and you had the best time at home with Dada!  Y’all watched golf, played with toys, went for a run…I think you both had a lot of fun J  Momma missed you lots though.

We introduced the ever beloved Sophie this month because lets face it, teething is a bummer!  You are slowly falling in love with her just like every other kid on the planet.  You chew and chew on her…I suspect a tooth will be popping through soon.

Just like your big sis, you love to make noises.  Constantly babbling through mealtime, playtime, car rides...oh and you think Lily is the funniest person on the planet!  You love when she tickles you and helps you play with your toys.

Buddy bear, I love you more than words.  You are more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined.  I’m not sure what life would be like without you….not nearly as much fun or joyful, that’s for sure!  Here is to another month Stone J

Weight- 16 pounds, 11 ounces (35 percentile)
Length- 27 inches (75 percentile)
Hair- Blonde
Eyes- Turning Hazel
Clothes- 6 and 9 months
Diapers- Size 3

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stone Osborne- 5 Months

Mr. Smiley, Happy, Buddy Bear--- 
Your five month birthday is here and what a wonderful five months it has been!  This month has been full of firsts and has been super busy.   As usual, you've rolled with all the craziness that life brings with a smile on your face and giggles---even with your first cold.

Firsts--- This month you've experienced a lot of firsts.  We ventured on a road trip solo, had your first cold (mommy did fun!), enjoyed an afternoon swing on the porch, went to your first concert, saw fireworks for the 4th of July, visited World of Coke and your first brewery and last, but not least, you tried your first taste of solid food.  You've also made the move to sitting in the highchair when eating (which makes you seem SO big).  We've been busy!

Grub--- Milk is still the favorite, but Stone had his first taste of oatmeal and sweet potatoes this month and this little piggy loved them :)  Little man is now eating oatmeal when he wakes, followed by a 6 ounce bottle.  Then he has two more 6 ounce bottles throughout the day (usually every 4ish hours).  Around 6:30 pm is when he gets to eat his veggie- sweet potato for now, but I plan to introduce one or two new veggies every week.  Another 6 ounce bottle wraps up the day around 8:30 pm.  Guess this tells ya where all of his yummy rolls come from :)  

Nighty, night--- Our unwanted cold made for several nights of bad sleep in the beginning of the month (like letting the munchkin come sleep with us), but since all the snot and coughing has subsided, big man is back to being an awesome sleeper!  He give us 12ish hours at night and then takes three naps (totaling about 5ish hours) a day.
Stone, just like your big sis, you must have your paci and lovey for all napping and nighttime to watch you snuggle up and drift off to sleep.

Loves--- The outdoors, bottles, exersaucer, toys, books, Lily (y'all had your first giggle contest over snack the other melted my heart!), your thumb, bathtime, riding in the car and stroller, being held, swinging.  
You also get really excited to see me and Dada.  Your big smile comes across your face and you kick when you see is pretty sweet and special.   

Another month has come and gone...these days are passing all too quickly.  You are a joy my sweet boy...We love you Stone!


Not sure--probably around 16 pounds

Seem to be on the longer side

Blonde and growing slowly but surely

Dark blue

6 Months-- you're a big boy!

Size 2

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lillian Pace- 18 Months

My little first born has grown into a toddler and I can't believe it!  She is sweet, shy, sassy, loving, big, kind, headstrong, smart...the list could go on and on.  She is the biggest blessing to life and one that I am grateful for daily.  She changed me and my outlook on life...

You are 18 months old---18 months of pure joy.  I seriously can not believe how grown-up you have become...sitting in a "big girl" chair, brushing your teeth, going up and down the stairs, dominating the playground without help, swimming like a little fish, being a little mommy to Stone...SO.BIG.

You have a fun and crazy personality my girl.  Constantly making us laugh!  You love to give kisses and hugs.  You have become quite the performer- loving to twirl and sing.  Golf is one of your favorite sports to play which makes your dad really happy.  

Attitude is definitely the word to describe the recent weeks.  You have an opinion and know what you want.  This would be great if I could read your mind!  Your vocabulary is definitely growing and you say a lot of words, even sometimes short sentences, but I still struggle with understanding you sometimes.  

Your paci and blanket obsession continues, and I can't say we are close to taking it away.  I love to watch you get so excited about these two items.  You gather your blanket, put it on your shoulder and then lay your head on it...sweet girl!

You are a Daddy's start watching for him every afternoon through the front windows and are his shadow once he arrives home.  

Food is the way to your heart!  You are a great eater.  Some of your favorites are waffles, strawberries, spaghetti, hotdogs, eggs (finally!), cereal, goldfish and peanut butter.  Milk and water are your drinks of choice.

Your daddy and I both believe you are the smartest girl in the world!  You can tell me all the sounds of these animals- dog, cat, cow, horse, sheep, duck (your fav!), fish, snake, pig, chicken, monkey, elephant, frog and bird.  We are working on colors, shapes and counting.  You love the ABC's as well.

Lily, you are all over the place!  Walking and running everywhere.  We've had several bumps and bruises but it comes along with the age.  I must say, you are a tough are pretty quick to get over the fall and keep on playing :)

Summer has been so much fun this year.  You love the outdoors!  We spend lots of time at the pool, playing with bubbles in the front yard, walking around the neighborhood, sliding at the playground.  I can't tell you how many times a day I hear "Go outside" from you.

Your role as big sister could not fit you any better!  It makes my heart melt seeing you with Stone.  You are gentle and loving- constantly on paci and blanket patrol :)  I love to see you share your toys with him and try to include him in your playtime.  You love to kiss him, have him lay in your bed, pat his belly when he is crying, help mommy feed and burp're mommy's little helper!

As you can see my sweet girl, you bring so much fun to our lives.  We love you more than words.  I'm so thankful to be your mama!  It has been a blessing to watch you change and grow this last year and a half...I enjoy and cherish each day with you.
Love you my Lily lulu!


26 pounds, 5 ounces (90th percentile)

33 inches (86th percentile)

Anything & everything

Steel blue, but seem to be turning hazel

Blonde and still rocking the mullet/mohawk 

2T or 24 months

Size 5