Friday, November 22, 2013

Kitchen Update #1

Well the day is here...moving day!  
I am feeling sad, excited, thankful, overwhelmed and a bit anxious.  Overall, I know this move is going to be great for us, but I can't help but feel a big attachment to our first home.  It is where we started as a family of two, added a crazy puppy to our lives, brought our first child many fun memories.  
We will miss you 4062 Christacy Way!

Luckily, I've had a good bit of things keeping me occupied, so I really haven't had too much time to mourn this change.  One big item is the kitchen renovation of our new home.  Last week, we met with our designers and have finally finalized the new layout!  What a relief :)  Initially we were trying to stay with the same footprint, but after some thought, drawings and lots of talking, we decided we needed to relocate the stovetop and add an island.  So without further adieu, here is what our new kitchen will look like...

BIG changes ahead!  
We will be going with all white cabinetry with a shaker style door on all cabinets and drawers.  For hardware, I'm thinking classic cup pulls for the drawers and traditional knobs for the doors.  
Similar to these...

Still not set on type of budget is only so big!  I know we will be going with a white/gray feel, but whether we find a granite that will work is in question.  My husband and pocketbook hope so, as quartz is a good bit more expensive.  Backsplash and wall paint will depend on counters, so stay tuned :)

In addition to these changes, we will be expanding the laundry room, updating the flooring, adding new lighting to dining room and foyer and getting rid of the popcorn ceilings (hello 70's!) along the way!

I can't wait to show you the transformation!  Estimated completion is six weeks, so you can expect lots of renovation updates to come :)  

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hello Third Trimester- Stone Osborne!

Here we are, on the last leg of this crazy thing called pregnancy, and I have to say I have been blessed with pretty smooth sailing thus far.  Just today my doctor asked if I thought this time around was harder than the first, and without hesitation I said "no".  I haven't experienced any more aches, pains or uncomfortableness than I did the first time around...I love being pregnant!  While I have been more tired, I attribute this to my non-stop priss pot :)

I can't believe we are less than three months away from meeting our sweet Stone!  

How Far Along? 27 weeks

Size of the Wee One? Cauliflower...about 14.5 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds

Maternity Clothes? You bet :)  Maternity on the bottom and regular up top.

Weight Gain? Around 12 pounds...less than I had gained with Lily at this point.  I think chasing and lifting that munchkin all day is helping keep the weight gain down.

Stretch Marks? Not yet...applying lotion every night

Gender? A baby boy!!!  Bring on the balls, cars, and action figures :)

Movement? Oh YES :)  My fav!  Little man is kicking, flipping and wiggling day and night. I have a feeling he is going to be just like his sister....a wiggle worm!

Sleep? Can't complain :)  I think I'm so exhausted by the days activities that I could fall asleep anywhere after 9 pm.

Cravings? Really been digging fruit and peanut butter lately.

What I Miss? Raw sushi...the cooked stuff just isn't the same.

Symptoms? TIREDNESS!!!

Belly Button? In

Best Moment? Selling our home and buying a new home to make sure we have plenty of room for our family of four once Stone arrives.  Also, seeing the little man during a surprise ultrasound...from what I could tell, he looks a good bit like his sister :)     

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lillian Pace- 11 Months

So many changes, so little time!  We are experiencing one of the busiest times of our life right now...moving, renovating, holidays, birthdays mixed in with daily "stuff" forgive me in advance if this post is shorter than the rest.  Short and sweet is what we will say, but it doesn't mean it hasn't been the best month yet :)

My sweet Lily, this 11th month of your life has flown by, but I have to say, it has been SO much fun!  This month you found your groove thing and constantly is the cutest thing in the entire world.  In the store, at home, in the car, while drinking your name it and you are dancing.  Maybe you will have more rhythm than your dad and I do!  

You also started standing on your own, drinking from a sippy cup, brushing your hair, and walking while holding our hands has grown to be one of your favorite activities :)

You had your first, but not last, green smoothie this month and fell in love (just like mama!).  This is actually how I finally got you to drink out of a sippy cup...albeit a brain freeze or two followed ;) Behind smoothies, you definitely still prefer carbs and meat over veggies any day of the week.  Banana, sweet potato, chicken, spaghetti, Cheerios and waffles are some of your favs!  Our little piggy ;)

Your sleep hasn't changed (although some days your naps are shorter than normal).  

No new teeth showed up this month...much to our surprise.  The amount of drool you produce, you'd think you'd have a mouth full of those pearly whites :)

You remained on the move this month...non-stop.  Much to my chagrin, the stairs were found, and while I was apprehensive about letting you climb them, I really wanted to see how far you could go.  SIX stairs you managed to climb...big and strong girl!  After mama got a video of your achievement, we nixed playing on the stairs....although that doesn't stop you from trying :)

It seems you've become a huge fan of your tongue this month.  It is constantly poking out!  Not really sure where this has come from...maybe you're mocking Tyde?!?! 

Last, but certainly not least, you finally said "MAMA"!  It melted my heart.  By far the sweetest sound I've ever heard.  Hearing that little word was a dream come true...I am your mama and you are my daughter and I couldn't ask for a more precious gift.  

Lily, you are our sweet, smart, special girl. We love you!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

so big

Still trying to process how our little girl is big enough to be standing on her own!  I have a feeling walking by herself is around the corner.  A special thanks to Aunt Lindsey for capturing this video of our sweet Lily :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cha Cha Cha...Changes

As many of you know, the Sellers family will be picking up and moving in two weeks!  We aren't going far, but we will be cutting Mr. S's commute in half and gaining more space for our growing family.  We are so grateful for His provision while navigating our selling and buying process.

While we are super excited for our new house, there are some changes that need to be made...what worked in 1978 does not work in 2013 :)  Our first project will be to open up and expand the kitchen along with replacing all the floors on the main floor.  I am excited and nervous about living through a renovation...I hope our contractor doesn't fire ME before all is said and done! :)

 We haven't finalized our plans yet, but here are some kitchens I'm using for inspiration---

Love the white and gray combo.  Also dark floors are a must.  We will be replacing all the appliances too...bring on the double oven!  

Demolition starts in three weeks, so stay tuned for updates on the floor plan changes, countertop and cabinet selection and everything else renovation!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Lily's first Halloween was SO much fun!  I should've known this before hand though, since every event is way better with her involved.
 While she couldn't partake in the candy eating (I managed enough of that for both of us), she had a blast attending our neighborhood party and going from house to house trick or treating with her cousin Bryant Mickey Mouse ;)

Could our bumblebee had been any cuter?!?

She was so sweet to allow Mommy to take a million pictures to document the day :)

Her faces kill me!
 Mommy looks a bit rough...
 Kisses :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween :)  Here's to the next week (or longer) of sugar hangovers and detoxing!