Friday, August 23, 2013

First Trimester- Baby S #2

We (yes, it is a group effort) made it through the first, joy, joy :)  As crazy as it sounds, this time around wasn't nearly as bad.  Maybe it was the fact I knew what I was in for, or maybe it is because every baby is different, or just maybe it is because #2 is indeed a boy....whatever the reason, I thank the good Lord for allowing me to enjoy these last 14 weeks a little more than I did the first time around!  Now, I'm not saying it has been a walk in the park.  I was nauseous for a good three weeks (glamorous, right?), but unlike with Lily, it came in waves, instead of hanging around all. day. long.  I've been super tired-like going to bed when the sun is still out tired.  I've also been a little more emotional, wanting to eat only fattening foods and not in the mood to workout at all.

Now to the beloved bump photo & update...

Yes, I'm aware, this is a terrible picture, but I'm just keeping it real!  My mornings of having an extra 5 or so minutes to set up my camera & snap just the right picture are out the door.  This is what you get when you're halfway ready & your hubby snaps a pic of you while he is rushing out the door :)

How Far Along? 14 Weeks, 2 Days~ Hello 2nd trimester :)
Size of the Baby? According to What to Expect #2 is the size of an avocado!

Maternity Clothes? Not yet- lots of dresses & my more forgiving pants.  I have a feeling my maternity pants will be making an appearance sooner than later.
Weight Gain? 4 pounds....just like the first time around, my goal is to keep it under 30.

Stretch Marks?  Lots of lotions and potions again :)  Warding off these at all costs.
Gender? Pink or Blue, we aren't sure!  Will find out in 4 weeks of so.  Mama thinks boy and Daddy is undecided.

Movement? None yet...this is what I'm most looking forward to.  I LOVED feeling Lily move and have missed it so much.
Wedding Rings? On

Sleep? So, so- between nature calling, my mommy ears hearing every sound possible, and being back to sleeping on my side, I'm up a good 2-3 times a night...BOO :(
Food Cravings? Hot pepperoncini peppers, pizza and carbs~bring on the bread and potatoes!

What I Miss? Hum...sushi and wine.  Oh and the desire to do anything 5am workouts have been few a far between the last couple of months :(  
Symptoms? Oh so tired!  Along with nausea, bloating, congestion and a couple emotional moments!

Belly Button? In---ugh the dreaded belly button grossness again.
Best Moment of the Week? Feeling like myself again...for the most part!  I actually managed to cook four nights last week :)   

What I’m Looking Forward To? Finding out if #2 is a boy or girl.  I'm dying to know so I can start planning the nursery & buying matching outfits for Lily and the new babe! :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lillian Pace- 8 Months!

Dear Lily,

Another month, another post!  I can't get over how each month goes by faster than the last.  Month eight flew by with weekends out of town, sick days & lots of changes from you Miss Priss...I'm pretty sure you are a completely different child than you were a month ago.

Your personality continues amuse & amaze us!  It seems you are becoming a bit of a drama queen...which lets face it, it is expected, but I just thought this phase would come a little later down the road.  If you don't like something, then rest assure you let us know it :)  Thankfully these episodes are few and far between (well except when you yell after a meal because you're still hungry---even though you've eaten the equivalent to three jars of food!).  Overall, you've still got a sweet and laid-back demeanor.  You're fun, funny, inquisitive, alert, responsive, snuggly, active...OH and you love to give open mouth kisses! 

Separation anxiety reared its head in month eight.  While it warms my heart to know you want to be with me ALL THE TIME, it has been a struggle to find balance.  Dropping you off at school has become a challenge again...seeing you get so upset because I'm leaving is hard!  Also, if I leave you in the den to go to the kitchen, then you go completely bonkers...needless to say, there has been a lot more holding & playing together than housework or cooking this month :)  & I'm not complaining one bit!

Your developmental skills continued to grow this month---you started clapping by yourself (which is one of the cutest things we have ever seen!), transitioning from your tummy to a seated position without any help (this has caused some sleeping issues...more on that later), pulling up on just about anything, using the "pinchers" to pick up food, and doing a modified crawl backwards.  You've been busy, busy my dear girl :)  

Your vocabulary has also continued to change.  It is very easy to make out the different consonants you're constantly babbling...sounds with D's, M's, O's, B's are heard often around our house :)

Eating has remained roughly the same, although we've introduced more "pick-up" foods.  So far you've tried peaches, broccoli & puffs.  You definitely still prefer to be fed with a spoon, so that is how you get a majority of your calories, but I'm hopeful you'll warm up to solids more in the next couple of months.  Your appetite has increased this month (my little piggy!), so I've stopped trying to keep up with how much you're eating.  All I know is that you LOVE to eat :)  Along with food, you take three 6 oz bottles a day.

We went through a bit of a sleep challenge in the beginning of the month.  Not sure if it was teething, a growth spurt, or just the 8 month sleep monster that I've read about, but whatever it was, no one enjoyed it.  Your daddy & I decided to let you start crying it out, instead of going in to give you your paci at night.  It was tough the first couple of nights, but luckily you quickly adapted.  There were nights you'd still wake, but you easily put yourself back to sleep!  However, once you figured out you could sit up on your own, this changed the ballgame.  Now on the occasional night you wake, you instantly sit up, so mommy or daddy have to come in & lay you back down.  Normally this does the trick & you are back to sleeping like a baby until morning :)

You still love your naps at home, but refuse to take them at school!  On the weekends, you take two naps that range between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hours each.  

Lily, it has been a FUN month!  Can you believe how much you've changed and grown?!?  You are the biggest blessing & greatest joy :)  Every stage keeps getting better...can't wait to see what month 9 has in store!

Lily's 8 Month Stats:

Three meals per day, plus three 6 oz bottles

18 pounds

27 inches

Diaper Size:
Size 3

Clothing Size:
6 & 9 month

Blonde & getting thicker :)

Eye Color:
Blue is still hanging around

Favorite time of the day:
Picking you up from school---love the smile you give when I walk thru the door

Funniest moment this month:
You finally gave me a big "surprise" while in the bathtub

***Note to self, for the next photo session, make sure to have an assistant & not take the pics right before nap time***

Monday, August 12, 2013

All Things Baby #2

Sorry it has taken me a couple of weeks to get my act together, but here are all the fun details on sweet Baby S #2!  

First off, we can not thank our friends & family enough for the sweet well wishes & excitement surrounding our new bundle of joy.  Sharing the news was SO much fun!  It is pure joy to know #2 is loved by so many special people :)  

I know the news of adding another little one to our family was a bit of a shock to most everyone, so here are some answers to questions I've gotten about our "little" news...

1. When are you due?  

My official due date is February 19, 2014!  We apparently like having holiday babies :)  This little one will come almost 7 years, to the day, of mine & Slade's first date.

2. Was this pregnancy planned?  
Well, without sharing to much information, it wasn't prevented ;)  Slade & I have loved every minute of this journey of parenthood.  Adding another baby to the mix was something that excited us...after all we both want a big family!  So we decided to let it happen in His time, which wasn't long at all :)

3. Do you know what you're having?  
Not yet, but don't worry, we will be finding out in another month or so!  Slade & I both knew Lily was a girl from the get go---this time around, I'm convinced #2 is a boy, but Slade goes back and forth.  Boy or girl, we don't really care :)

4. Will you be documenting this pregnancy like you did with Lily?  
I'm going to do my best!  I'm a little busier this time around ;)  I will definitely do trimester updates and try my hardest to update every couple of weeks.

5. Will you continue to workout?  
So far, I've kept with working out 3-4 times a week.  I admit---I've been SO tired that it is harder to motivate myself this go round, but I know it is best for me and babe so I'm going to keep with it :)

6. What about another nursery?  
OH another nursery!  I'm super excited to decorate another baby room & do something a little different this time...I'm thinking brighter colors.  We will be converting our guest room to #2's room & adding a daybed to Lily's room for guests (aka Sugar & Bebe in those first months weeks!).  We are also blessed to be getting another (yes we will have two under one roof!) baby bed from Slade's sister, so all the furniture for the new nursery is taken care of!

7. Will you continue to work with two babies?  
The short answer is NO :)  My company was acquired in June and with that comes a lot of change.  I was hired on a 3 month temporary basis that ends in mid-September.  After much conversation and prayer, Slade & I have decided I will stay home with our babes!  I am beyond excited and thankful for the opportunity to spend more time with Lily & #2 when he/she arrives.  Of course, this will come with a lifestyle change, but I know that change will be well worth it :)  

So there you have it, all caught up on the newest bundle of joy!  I'll be back with a 1st trimester update later this sum it up, I'm constantly tired :)

I leave you with this sweet picture....Baby S #2 at 12 weeks!