Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May May May

WOW- May has passed in a blink of an eye & this girl is left with 2 uncompleted blog posts waiting for her, but not enough energy or time to complete them :(  The month has seriously gotten away from me, so I figure pictures are the best way to share what we've been up to!

The month started with celebrating a very special lady's 60th birthday :)
Happy birthday Bebe!!!

Followed by my 1st Mother's Day spent with my sweet family!

Lily's first time in a swing

Sweet cousins holding hands

LOVE my family

The Lichters

Sugar with her grands
Lily with her Mama Chelle

Mr. S spent much of the month studying for the CPA, so Lily & I enjoyed some girl time with our friends- Leslie, AK, Amy & of course sweet Caroline :)



Lily started rolling from her back to her her sleep!

We spent some time with the Poulos' & Lily had a fun time with Uncle Mike!

We celebrated Memorial thankful for our military men & women who fight for our country & freedoms!  Lily is especially proud of her Uncle William who is in the Navy...she dressed in her sailor outfit for him :)

And last, but not least, we had our 1st pool day of the summer!  Lily LOVED the water...she splashed & kicked the whole time :)

Whew...our month was busy, but SO much fun!  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lillian Pace- 5 Months

Dear Lily,

You are now FIVE months old…how can it be?!?!  You have grown from a tiny 6 pound baby to an adorable almost 14 pound priss 
pot :)

You keep changing on a daily basis and it's so much fun to watch.  You still constantly put your hands in your mouth & just this month, you started sucking/chewing on your toes too (along with anything else you can grab!).  Teething is in full effect (the doc says your bottom two teeth should be coming in soon) so you have grown quite fond of your Sophie.  Your chatterbox status continued this month with several new sounds—I swear you said “hey” one morning, but I’m pretty sure everyone else thinks I’m crazy.  You have quite the personality my sweet girl- sweet, sassy & you love to give kisses!

You rolled over for the first time on Wednesday, April 17th.  We were playing in your room & before I knew it, you had rolled from your tummy to your back!  Such a big girl :)
  I think you were proud of your accomplishment because you proceeded to roll over 3 more times.  

This month we had big changes for your eating schedule.  You had your first taste of real, whole food on April 21st- sweet potatoes!  I can not tell you how yummy you thought they were :)  Since then, you’ve tried squash, green peas, apples, pears, carrots & avocado.  Surprisingly, you have enjoyed everything we’ve offered you…the green peas took a week or so, but you eventually warmed up to them too.  You are eating 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal with a fruit for breakfast, a veggie with a fruit for lunch (we introduced lunch on May 11th) & 2 veggies for dinner.  In between meals, you drink four 6 ounce bottles.  We are so thankful that you haven’t showed any signs of having food allergies.  Keep up the good eating my little piggy!

Sleep this month has been tough, but that is mostly to blame on your sickness :(  You’re going down between 8:30pm & 9pm most nights and get up around 7:30am.  Because you’ve been sick, your coughing & congestion have been waking you several times (ok I lie…5-8 times) a night, but usually a paci or transitioning you to an inclined sleep position has put you back to sleep easily.

That’s right sweet girl, you’ve been sick & it has been terrible.  The doctor diagnosed you with bronchiolitis on May 6th which lead us to giving you breathing treatments every 4 hours for a week.  The amount mucus you’re producing & your cough have made it virtually impossible for you (or us) to get a good night rest for the last 3 weeks.  However, I will say that even with feeling pretty bad you’ve been super happy.  Daddy & I have commented more than once how blessed we are with such a sweet, cheerful baby!  Also, the past 2 nights have allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel…I’m hopeful the bronchiolitis is making its way out the door & we will be back to sleeping soon :)

You’ve really grown to love your tummy this month!  You will spend time just hanging out & chatting while pushed up onto your little hands with your arms fully extended.  You are going to be non-stop once you start crawling…my wiggle worm!  The exersaucer & Bumbo are still some of your favorite “stations” for play & you LOVE riding in the stroller.  Most evenings we will head out with Tyde for a run…you love the fresh air & usually take a little snooze.

Another first, that makes you seem so big, is that you sit in your highchair for all meals.  I seriously can’t believe you’re big enough to sit up & eat, but you are awesome at it & love it :) Some nights I’ll leave you in your highchair after dinner so I can cook…I love having you in the kitchen with me & I guess you really like being up high in the highchair because you can see everything.  It certainly helps Mommy get things done.

You have brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever imagined.  You are simply the best!  We are so in love with you and so thankful to be your parents.  Love you my sweet girl :)

Lily’s 5 month stats:

Three meals per day & four 6 ounce bottles
13 pounds 14 ounces
Birth Weight: 6 pounds 2 ounces

~26 inches
Birth Length: 18 inches 

Diaper Size: 
Size 2  

Clothes Size: 
 3-6 month & 6 month clothes

Hair Color: 

Eye color: 
Big, beautiful blue eyes (seriously starting to wonder if they are going to stay blue?!?!)

Favorite time of the day:
Bath time :)

Funniest moment this month: 
Your LONG conversations & songs! 

And just in case you couldn't tell how much Little Miss loves her feet & her daddy, here is more proof! 

*I'm not sure why the formatting is so messed up...I'm working to fix it, but wanted to go ahead & get this post up*

EDIT: Thanks to my phenomenally awesome husband for fixing the coding on this post and removing the white background.  He is the best husband in the entire world and I would be so lost without him.  I love you, Slade!!