Friday, August 22, 2014

Stone Osborne- 6 Months

Just like that, another month has come and gone, and we are closer to Stone turning  How is my baby already 6 months?!?!  Before I know it, I’ll be planning his 1st birthday, which is completely mind blowing.  I swear this whole having two kids under two causes life to be a whirlwind in the absolute best way possible.


This month was fast and furious!  We were go, go, go for most of it, but was super fun.  We had some really fun days, some hard nights (thanks to another cold…ugh!), lots of visits with friends and family and several firsts for Mr. Stone-man.

Chunk has put on some more rolls this month and boy do we love them J  Eating seems to be a favorite activity in our house, so it is no surprise that Stone has followed suit.  We added some new foods this month—carrots, squash, zucchini, banana and pears.  Momma is still making all purees and Stone loves them all.  We are up to two meals with four bottles a day - three 6 ounce bottles during the day and one 8 ounce bottle at night.  Big boy has started grabbing his spoon during feedings…just another thing that reminds me he is growing at the speed of light.

Sleep has been hit or miss this is not easy to go from sleeping to not sleeping when you aren’t in that newborn mindset anymore.  I blame it mostly on another cold, but in full disclosure, I also think we are battling a bit of a paci issue as well.  Lily did the same thing at this age and it was brutal!  I’m guessing crying it out is around the corner to kick this waking a couple times a night for your paci to the curb, but it is harder this time around due to Sass next door.  Naps have been generally fine, and some nights little man sleeps like a dream (or better yet, like he did at 3 months!), but other nights we are up multiple times hunting the darn paci…which, just in case you’re wondering, is usually lodged behind his head!  We have made the transition to two naps a day, which really works better for our schedule with errands, play dates, work, etc…they usually are around two-ish hours.

Stone, you ventured to your first major league sporting event this month---a Braves game J  You actually went to two…lucky boy!  You did great and cheered the Braves onto two wins.  It is really fun to imagine you playing ball one day (or golf, or football, or anything else you want to do in life).

Other BIG firsts this month- ummm you started sitting up!  Yes, you read right, you are so strong and started sitting up without any help or assistance this month.  I can’t believe it!  You’ve also started pushing yourself backwards when you’re on your tummy….I am not ready for you to be mobile, so can you please hold off on any more big boy things please?!?!

You and Dada had your first (but not last I’m sure!) boys weekend this month.  Lily and I traveled to Birmingham for a girl’s weekend and you had the best time at home with Dada!  Y’all watched golf, played with toys, went for a run…I think you both had a lot of fun J  Momma missed you lots though.

We introduced the ever beloved Sophie this month because lets face it, teething is a bummer!  You are slowly falling in love with her just like every other kid on the planet.  You chew and chew on her…I suspect a tooth will be popping through soon.

Just like your big sis, you love to make noises.  Constantly babbling through mealtime, playtime, car rides...oh and you think Lily is the funniest person on the planet!  You love when she tickles you and helps you play with your toys.

Buddy bear, I love you more than words.  You are more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined.  I’m not sure what life would be like without you….not nearly as much fun or joyful, that’s for sure!  Here is to another month Stone J

Weight- 16 pounds, 11 ounces (35 percentile)
Length- 27 inches (75 percentile)
Hair- Blonde
Eyes- Turning Hazel
Clothes- 6 and 9 months
Diapers- Size 3