Monday, December 22, 2014

Lily is TWO

Dear Lillian Pace,

My sweet, sassy, shy, joyful, strong-willed little girl, how in the world are you two?!?!  The time has passed oh so quickly.  It feels like yesterday we were pacing the halls of the hospital, timing contractions and anxiously awaiting your arrival.  So much has happened in these two years (like moving & welcoming a brother), but then again it feel like no time has passed at all :)

This past year has been one of change, ups and downs and lessons learned for all of us.  Sadly for you, you are our "tester" for all things parenting....hopefully we aren't scaring you too much!  I think we've done a fair job of maneuvering the transition of baby to toddler with little tears, lots of love and constant laughs.  You have grown into such a "big girl" over the past is truly incredible how much you've changed physically, developmentally, verbally in just 365 days.

You are constantly making us laugh!  At home you have an outgoing, comedic personality, however once we venture out or have anyone over you quickly become shy.  It is a game for close your eyes and grin from ear to ear thinking you are hiding!  While the shyness can last a while, you usually warm up with the promise of a treat or your two vices....paci & bonk (aka blanket).  Yes, I'm a slacker and haven't dared to take these magical things away!  

A girly girl for sure, you love to play dress-up, prance around in your "high heels", twirl around the kitchen, help Mommy cook, sing constantly (some of your favs- "Let It Go", "Hot Dog, Hot Dog", "Twinkle Little Star", "You Are My Sunshine").  You request a bow or ponytail daily---even if we spend the day in our pj's :)  You are an expert at making Stone giggle, and are the first one to respond to his cries.  You often tell him "I right here 'Tone" and pop a paci in his mouth :)   

You remain our little piggy (I guess some things never change!).  You love all things carbs and sugar, but thankfully will eat just about anything else too.  Some of your absolute favorite things include grapes, oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich, almonds, pizza, french fries, goldfish, strawberries, and greek yogurt.  We eat pretty healthy most of the time, but you do love a good treat every now and then cream and chocolate are the way to your heart :)  

Developmentally you've blown us away.  You talk in complete sentences most of the time...which means we hear your opinions and wants more than ever before.  You also repeat what you hear a good bit, so Mommy & Daddy have to watch what they say around you now too ;) You can say your full name, count to ten, know your're one smart cookie.  Some of you favorite phrases are.... "no way!", "I be right back", "I right here", "may I see your phone, please"....that brings us to your obsession with technology.  You LOVE it.  TV, iPhone, don't discriminate.

The toughest challenge we faced this year was the "D" word...Discipline!  While it isn't fun, it is necessary.  I will say our approach has varied throughout the year with age and understanding.  Timeouts, spankings and talks are used depending on the offense.  I will say regardless of the type of discipline, we wrap up the training moment with an "I'm sorry" from you, a hug from me or Daddy and a kiss...always want you to know that our training is from love!  Manners were also worked on this year.  You are really good about using your "please", "thank you", "yes and no sir/mam" to our ears :)  

You my sweet Lily are our "big girl" as you remind us daily.  You run everywhere, can walk down the stairs like a grow-up, sit in a normal are turning into a big girl in a blink.  It is such a joy to be your mom---in the moments of fun, hard, laughter and tears.  I love you "tttthhhhiiiissss" much! :)

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